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For me, this blog is a bit of a daunting endeavor. There are few things that I truly fear in life, but there is an elevated level of intimidation that accompanies the decision to publicize your own work. The practice areas of pharmacy law and food & drug law are flooded with experts. I, as a third-year law student, in no way count myself among them. Rather, it is my goal to become one. 

This blog is for both you and I. For the reader: whether she is a current law student, practicing attorney, or public member, I hope to inspire interest and spark discussion. For myself: I hope to continue on this deep dive into the areas of law that I find fascinating. With each written piece, I hope to improve my skills and expand my knowledge. 

During my fifth year of pharmacy school, I heard a question that will resonate with me forever. A podcast guest was asked to give advice to college students. She replied with her own question: “Why do we wait to create?” She emphasized the importance of starting early and making mistakes before the stakes are high. Why do we wait to create and contribute? Perhaps it stems from a fear of criticism or of publicizing imperfect work. My goal is to go against the norm for the sake of self improvement. Enjoy!

* I am not a lawyer. Nothing on this site should be mistaken for legal advice or as a legal service.

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